Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Please pray for the kiddos

Hey y'all - we've been quarantined here for weeks now. David has a really bad cough (which we think is getting better) and now Dabney has begun to develop it too. We haven't been to church in quite a while (between the kids being sick and the inclement weather) and the cabin fever is really setting in. The forecast is predicting our 6th weekend storm in a row- the first weekend storm was the weekend before Christmas if that gives you a timeframe. However, despite their colds, the kids' morale has been surprisingly high. They still run around and giggle at each other a lot (between coughs). I've been trying to keep them quiet and on the couch but you can imagine how that goes over. Thought I'd give you all an update. Please keep us in your prayers- pray that David and Dabney would heal soon and that Tim and I would stay healthy- despite snuggling the sick little ones. Here's a picture from about a week ago- Dabney helping Daddy on the computer.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Just 'cause she's the prettiest girl ever

Can you believe my baby will be 3 years old in just a few weeks?

What I've been up to...

Long time no post! As you can see, I've had a power tool or an organizer in my hands almost everyday in the last week or two!

I found this jewelry box at a 70% off sale after Christmas and it serves my dresser rather well. It holds my jewelry and *look!* you can actually see the top of my dresser now!

Ah! A nice new shower head for the kids' bathroom. This will help a lot when I wash and rinse Dabney's hair! Thanks Dad for all your good advice when it came to installation!

This is my new project- I really love it. I heard recently that your house should reflect your personality. And what did I want my house to say about me? That I love simple things and I want and strive towards an orderly house and most of all I love my family. I just installed another rod yesterday a little further down on the stairs for more pictures.

I found this curtain rod recently and it was so cheap (really, like under $4) I just had to buy it. It matches the living room and it was long too- just like I needed- it fits over the living room window where it currently resides. It takes the place of the black rod- which never really fit in the room.

You can't see it very well, but this black curtain rod I think looks much better here in David's room- the new rod takes it's old place in the living room.

I made this sign forDabney's room. It's one of the most comforting verses in the Bible, for me. It says "When you lie down you will not be afraid, Yes, when you lie down your sleep will be sweet. Proverbs 3:24". It has lightning bugs on it and when I finished it, Dabney said, "Oh! Good job Mama!" (That's my foot in the lower right corner, if you are wondering)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Our "New" Living Room

Tim and I received some Christmas money this year so Tim and I decided to use part of the money to replace our lamps (which we had originally found in a dumpster). The old lamps worked and that was the main thing, but now our home looks a little less "dumpster-chic". We LOVE the new lamps!- they have 3 shelves a piece and (get this) they're pretty!! Right now they are holding our family worship books and diapers in a discreet basket and the one to the left of the couch will hold pictures when I decide which pictures to display. Sorry about the pictures, the sectional looks kind of freakish beause I didn't zoom out enough but our house is a little less "Twilight Zone-ish"- I promise!

5 Stockings

I put our Christmas decorations away today and the house already seems bare. But, I picked up a silver stocking yesterday (75% off) at Target for Baby J next year and it just makes me think of how far we've come in 3.5 years. Our first Christmas Tim got the green stocking and I got the red. Then Dabney the next year got gold. Last year David received his blue one and I think silver is the only other color they make, so I had to get it for Baby J! Maybe for baby #4 I'll have to make a stocking. Praise God for His goodness in adding to our family!

Dabney's "wish come true!"

Dabney's been wanting to build a snowman and telling us about it ever since she could talk. Yesterday, New Years Day, Daddy and Dab finally built a little friend before all of the blizzard snow could melt. And yes, those are tumble weeds for arms.

Houston, we have a due date!

Whew. I finally called my OB's office today and made an appointment to see my most favorite doctor ever- Trudy Skiles. My appointment is Monday at 2pm. Also I asked for the "official office" due date and Baby J is scheduled to arrive...

Sunday July 29th!

However, if Baby J is like her sister, she will arrive 8 days early- July 21st, or if she is like her brother she will make her appearance 5 days early- July 24th. (BTW, I'm using the pronoun "she" because it's customary when you don't know the gender, right?) I guess I'm 10.5 weeks already - more than 1/4 of the way home! See what denial will do for you!

Anyway, if you could pray for a few things... I just can't bring both kids with me to this appointment- I've got yearly exams and stuff and maybe even bloodwork- so please pray that the Brottlunds (who volunteered) will be able to watch D&D and that things will go well. I'm nervous already. As most of you know, we don't have babysitters very often.
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