Thursday, May 31, 2007

Picture time!

These are just a few of the ones I love best (I have about 450 more)...

This is one of my favorites...

Spouting Horn

Dabney's "Wish Come True!"~ Surfing (almost) like Lilo...

My handsome guys at Poipu Beach

Pop Pop's little Pixie Stick

Well, I finally loaded all of the vacation pictures last night so I suppose it's time to show you all! Although I took so many pictures, it really doesn't seem like a lot. Actually, I came away thinking, "Why didn't I get a shot of this and that?". Oh well. ~*Insert contentedness here*~ I'm having quite a bit of fun though with the photo-editing software and it really is bringing out the best in the pictures that I took. My mother can point and shoot the best pictures I've ever seen, but I have to crop and enlarge and zoom and brighten. I'm so thankful I can at least do that!

Tomorrow should be a fun day. There's a big homeschool curriculum sale in town tomorrow and we plan to be there before the doors open to get the best books. (Yes, I know Dabney's only 3, but good curriculum never goes out of style. And besides, we're not shopping for science or history texts just yet. Actually, I'd love some ancient history or Bible flashcards from Veritas Press and all of the cheap books on the K, 1st and 2nd grade reading lists I can get my hands on.) And our good friends the Whites will be there too! Shopping with friends~ is there anything better?

And tomorrow is grocery shopping day and also Bible Study at our house. It's always good to get back in your groove after you've been away. If I don't post again tomorrow, have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We're Back

Yep, I wasn't posting because we were off the continent. (Don't you feel bad now, thinking I was a lazy blogger!)

We had a fabulous time in Hawaii. I really can't say enough about it. Mom and Dad and Cait and James were so good to us! They took us around and introduced us to their friends (and weren't embarrassed) and endured crying babies and let us eat their really good food and so many other things. All I can say is that the week passed way, way too soon for us.

I took a ton of pictures so prepare to be inundated in the next few days. I wanted to take a lot so we can remember everything we did (since I doubt very much that we'll be going back often) and the total topped out around 450! Yay! And that's before I use the photo editing software that I love so much. Actually the last of the pictures are being uploaded right now to Shutterfly and I already can't wait to get them back. (Now to find an album big enough to house them before I put them in a scrapbook...)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's that time of year again...

I love this time of year. Things can finally grow outside and, yep, you guessed it, we finally eat dinner outside and enjoy the weather! I love it. Something I'm missing though is planning a party. I had so much fun planning the luau last year but this summer, I guess I have my own "coming attraction" at the end of July.

Today was just a run of the mill Thursday but I thought I'd post, since I haven't done so in quite a while. I did, however, deep clean all the windows and mirrors of the house (along with every other "Thursday"thing that has to be done). Not just a spray and a wipe, but unlatching the windows and cleaning them inside and out. I also used newspaper instead of a paper towels, and voila, no streaks at all and I love looking out my "new" windows. Our windows get incredibly dirty and dusty from all the construction around us, but I must admit, they look pretty spiffy now! Talk to you all later!

Recently transplanted outside. I actually have 2 kinds of pumpkins growing (1 for decorations, 1 for pies). Actually, I also have zucchini growing too-the more squash the merrier I guess.

One of our lilacs. This is one of the most reliable plants and I just love it. The other lilac is green and leafy, but it doesn't have any buds yet.

Just Another Day in Paradise

This is "Mom! Look!" pose. If you can't tell, she's being a ballerina. Usually, she's prancing so fast that the shots are blurry, but this one was semi-acceptable. We call her Dabney Nimbletoes and it makes her smile.

I love this! Dabney's mothering instincts at work. Simba is her baby and she frequently puts him down for naps and she rocks him and she takes him everywhere she goes- even the little basket on her tricycle.

David is looking for something to dig up in this picture.

Grow, Baby Lemons! Grow!

My beloved citrus tree made their yearly move outside yesterday.

Preparing for Baby Bubba

These are prefold diapers (remember these Mom?) that I bought last week on I got a crazy good deal for so many! (You can buy them online for $3+ a piece, plus shipping.) And the lady sold me 6 Prorap covers too! Anyway, I washed them a few times in really hot water and then I dyed them the colors of the rainbow. (There are a few more colors out there, but I'm quite satisfied with these.) The colors will hide stains better and they will make diapering quite a bit more fun, than with just the regular white. The covers are white and that's enough for me. (Can't dye them, they're made of pul.)

These are the homemade diapers I've put away for Sweet Joshua (who, I am convinced, will one day be a famous soccer player from the way he kicks his Mama). I have 11 newborn fleece pocket diapers and 8 fitted diapers, size small, made just this week. Hopefully, I will be able to make at least one or two more pockets this week or next, I just ordered a little more pul (polyurithane laminate) that I need to complete the rest. I really can't wait until the little fella gets here. His brother and sister are very excited to meet him. Dabney talks about him quite a bit and David can say "Josss" ("Josh").

And speaking of David's language skills, he can also say "Thank You", "Please", "Cheese", "No" (we're not too excited about that one though), "Jesus", "Amen", "Juice", and "all done", along with the others he knows.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Our Garden Fairy

Hey Tink, spread some pixie dust over by the zucchini and the peppers please! (And the "grass" too while you're at it!)

Highly Recommended!

I picked this book up at the library to help me with my lemon and lime trees and I haven't really put it down for 3 weeks. It really is the authority on everything outside- trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, you name it. It it grows, this book will tell you when where and how to plant it and keep it growing. I went to the used bookstore on Saturday to see if I could find a copy (or a good substitute) but they didn't have it in and nothing else in the garden section of the store even came close. I think every gardener needs this on their shelf.

Springtime in the Rockies

This is the "before" shot. The sod is removed now and half of the beds are filled with good soil and compost and I made another trellis for the climbing vegetables.

"Dirt? What makes you think I've been eating dirt?"

Finally, I think Spring is here. Dabney and I have had our little garden seedlings growing in their little peat pots for a a while now and recently the weather is tempting us to put them outside. The kids and I are just loving our backyard again; we spent a good portion of yesterday out in the sun, playing on the park (Dabney) or digging in Mama's boxwoods (David) or just relaxing in a lawn chair reading a great gardening book (me).

Last Saturday was a great family backyard day. I built a trellis or two and finished up the raised beds planted a rose bush and Tim did the dirty work- he helped me remove sod. Dabney hammered the ground and flitted around like a garden fairy and David pretended as though he wasn't eating all the dirt. We got quite a bit done and the backyard is becoming more and more beautiful and functional too. Unfortunately we were so busy, I didn't get the camera out in time and when I finally did get it out the battery needed to be recharged. So, today's pictures are from the last few days after all the hard work was put in.

I still have quite a bit left to do outside, but sadly, some of it requires money, so we'll just have to wait on a few things- more good soil to fill in the beds, another rose bush, etc. But it seems ironic that even with the garden I'm not patient enough. The whole idea of the garden is to work and sweat and toil and plant and wait and water and wait and water and wait and water and then you reap when God has blessed. Maybe this garden will help me learn more patience. And truthfully there are only a few things I can begin to sow outdoors now anyway. The rule of thumb here is southern Colorado is to wait to plant outdoors until Mother's Day- the unofficial last frost.
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