Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Guess Who?

It is my exceeding great pleasure to introduce to you our second son,
Joshua Caleb Giedd
Born July 22, 2007
5:47 pm
7lbs, 7 oz

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Locked and Loaded, Baby!

Well, after the week I had, I'm shocked that I am still pregnant.

My 'routine' 37 week appointment was not as routine as we expected. To save us all from embarrassment, let's just remember that the stages of labor are like a countdown. Baby is born when you get to 10 and 100%. Last Thursday I was at 5 and 60%. The doctors had me on the fetal monitor for 20 minutes to measure the BH contractions- they were coming every 10 minutes. The doctor came very close to not letting me leave. (The option was to break my water and welcome Baby to the world.) However, I knew my house was not as clean as I wanted it to be and my camera was still sitting by the door, so I asked them to let me go home.)

We also had a false labor alarm Friday night. Baby still wasn't ready to come, but I was at 5-6 and 80%. (My contractions were not regular enough.) So it continues to be a waiting game from here on out. My next appointment is tomorrow at 2:40 and we will see what happens. However, Tim is not counting on going back to work after the appointment (he's been with the kids in the waiting room during my appointments waiting for just such an occasion) and my bag and supplies will be in the car should they not release me. Exciting times. Also, we are expecting my mother in law Iris on Thursday night or Friday morning. (We're hoping for Thursday night.) It will be a relief to know we can leave her here at 3am with the children if we need to.

I'm trying to be patient and it's good for me to remember every morning when I wake up uninterrupted that God has just given my the gift of a peaceful night's rest~ a peaceful calm before the tiny cries come in the night. Also to take my mind off things, I've been trying to stockpile more dinners in the downstairs freezer, breathe deeply, hug kids #1 and #2 enough and play with them and explain what will be happening soon. Dabney is very excited about it all but David, poor fella, has no clue. Hopefully he will see Baby Josh as a sweet baby who needs our love and attention. Realistically..... I don't know, but I heard a story the other day of a 22 month old child who tried to push the new baby of her mommy's lap! I doubt David will try that, but we're giving him lots of attention before this all comes to pass and we'll remember to keep it up after his brother is here.

I'm contemplating one last belly shot before the end to show progress but, I'd have to go get the camera out of my overnight bag by the door. Talk to you later!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pictures from June

I made these ice cream cupcakes from a Martha recipe last month when we had a little barbeque with a couple families from church.

"Mommy, I'm James' girl"

Monday, July 09, 2007

I suppose I should update...

Ok, I admit it, it's been a while since my last post.

Rebecca did such a great job with all my yard sale questions (ahem, yes she was the only one who replied...) but alas, the yard sale fizzled. I spent the 2 days before hand baking dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls and cookies and pop tarts, to have sold 2 cinnamon rolls. (And one for half price!) Hours digging through the crawlspace and basement to not have yard sale traffic. We live opn the extreme east side of town and we suppose that all of the yard salers went to the more established neighborhoods to find better sales. Our friends the Brottlunds joined us for our yard sale (with their stuff) and neither family hit $100. :( Did I mention that the proceeds were to go towards Baby Bubba's diapers? Oh well. (Can't you just hear the "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, Mandie") When I think about the yard sale and how it flopped, I just have to take a deep breath and let it go. We packed up everything that didn't sell and dropped it off at Goodwill, so it's out of my hair now. The only things we didn't drop off are the baby items that will be going to the kid's consignment store down the street (hopefully in exchange for some tiny summer clothes).

I am now 37 weeks pregnant. I feel like I'm 87 weeks pregnant. Baby Josh still wiggles and stretches and I'm trying to enjoy my sleep before he gets here. Tomorrow, I think I will do some sewing, if the laundry gets folded and put away before noon. This is my first summer baby so the baby's wardrobe is really adding to the chaos in my brain. February and December babies are easy to dress because it's cold out side and you bundle them in onesies and pants and socks and maybe a sweater and then a blanket. However for summer, I have no idea if baby's feet are cold or if I should bring a jacket along to church for him or what. I think I will be sewing some simple short sleeved gowns like the one here. Other than that, I think we are very ready for Baby Bubba whenever he decides to join us~ the bassinet is up and ready, the car seat is installed, and my overnight bag is almost complete.

Also, before I depart, I must give a huge rave for my very sweet husband (even if he doesn't see this) who has been self sacrificing in giving hugs and bringing home those fabulous creamsicle slurpees to his overheated wife.

And tomorrow I will see if I have any blog-worthy pictures in my camera...
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