Friday, August 08, 2008

Sweet Summer Nights

Although my house is quiet, I love nights like this. My babies are safely tucked into their warm beds upstairs, there's a soft breeze blowing through the front window, the stars are starting to peek out of the evening clouds and I'm at the kitchen table making a few alterations for a friend 's bridesmaid's dress with my faithful Singer 4525. I can hear the wind chimes from the front porch. I'm playing my favorite musical in the living room for inspiration~ I think the beautiful Edwardian costumes are my favorite part of the movie. I love the American Edwardian fashions (circa 1910) because they are modest but beautiful and fashionable. Anyway.

My house is quiet. It's not as full as it was yesterday. A little sadder, though, especially for the little one who doesn't take goodbyes very well. We had such a great time with my family~ actually, it's hard to not a have a great time with them. Dabney keeps saying, "I had such a fun time with Grandma and Pop Pop." We'll miss them lots but God is so good to let us see them as often as we do. I never imagined we'd see them so much when they first told me they were moving across the Pacific. I praise God for them and we're so glad they came.

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