Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Addition for our New Addition pt. 5

^Smoke detectors are important, too.^

As you might notice the door and the trim came yesterday before the texture (which was a little less than ideal for the texture guy) but he was unable to do it until today because of a family emergency. It think they did a fabulous job with the trim and we are very pleased. Lord willing, that enormous scaffold will be gone this afternoon and I can have my bit of normal back. We have all (except Tim) been laid up with the flu since Saturday night and are just now starting to recover, so normal health plus no construction sounds really great.


Blalock Family said...

I hope ya'll feel better soon!

Love you guys!


Rebecca said...

This came along SO fast! Golly! Before I even had a chance to comment on the start of work...it is nearly CCOMPLETE! Now comes the FUN part...decorating! YOu better be just as devoted to sharing THOSE photos as you were of the drywall! ;-)

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