Thursday, June 04, 2009

38w 1d

June at last! Ok, long time, no post, but I can't really apologize since I've been so focused on my family and house and they are my priority.
And these guys

keep me pretty busy!

We are definitely coming down to the baby finish line now! I've been in the pre-labor stage for weeks and my OB says I should go any hour now but I'm trying not to think about that. We've had our yard sale (which was nicely successful), sold a few things on Craigslist, acquired all of the necessary (and maybe not so necessary) baby items for Sweet Fella, and made our last big pre-baby trip to Costco so we have all the household staples on hand. Not to mention that I've organized the house a few times over.

I found a great way to tame the paperwork monster in our home...

And I finished this space (which I now love)

And I'm making good progress down here in the basement.

And I've re-arranged the furniture. I've pulled out the birth ball and now am trying to relax a little. We have a relaxing dinner party coming up on Saturday and I'm excited about entertaining friends again after a hospitality drought. The weather looks nice for Saturday and I think we'll pull out the backyard canopy and relax. All the food I'm doing is able to be made in advance and I'm starting on that today. I also have an overwhelming urge to paint the cabinets in the powder room black. We'll see if I get around to that. I bought fabric online yesterday to recover my extra large ironing board (it's very hard to find replacement covers in stores) and I'd like to get that project done before Baby A emerges onto the scene, but again, we'll see. All these things are to keep me occupied while I am racking my brain thinking about what on earth will this child look like!?!?!?!?

Only time will tell.


Rachel said...


That baby is far too comfortable in your tummy, and it's just 'bout time he let me hold him!

And gettin' to "feel" his feet at the shower was awesome.

Still praying for you,

Rachel said...

Oh I'd forgot.

I'm placing my reservation to hold him your first Sunday!

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