Saturday, September 19, 2009

Excused Absesnce

I’m back!

Ok, so I took a little vacation from the blog, but I’m glad to be posting again. Things have been a whirlwind around here lately. I told a friend yesterday that we’re creating a new normal, and that’s exactly how I feel. We’re settling into a groove with our new bundle of smiley sweetness. Speaking of little Adam, he’s growing bigger by the minute. Babies don’t keep, that’s for sure. He’s sleeping like a champ and recently started sucking his thumb or fist, although he’s not crazy about pacifiers. He’s my constant shadow and his huge grin lights up my day.

We’ve also begun kindergarten in earnest in the past few weeks. Although Dabney and David love their schoolwork, I still have to “encourage” them to focus and pay attention. Dabney is halfway through Math-U-See Primer, beginning her Writing Road to Reading notebook (she’s mastered her phonograms and loves to read Bob Books), and we are slowly beginning Shurley English 1. The English is a pretty rigorous course (which I like) so we’re easing into it. We’re continuing with Drawing for Children (I need to be more consistent with structured art this year ~ my children are addicted to what David calls ‘projecks’.) We also found a good Colorado state history book with a fabulous teacher manual that will make state history for kindergarten through 3rd grade a breeze. I’ve got quite a few more great books on their way and boy do I love to get books in the mail. I’ve mastered a great system using to get wonderful books for way cheap. I wish I could buy books all day long.

Another reason I’ve been so delinquent with the blog, is that I’ve been successfully working off the baby weight during the kids’ naptime. In fact with diet and exercise, I’ve lost 46 lbs since little guy was born. Not bad considering I gained about 27 lbs with Adam. I’m not usually a huge fan of exercise, but I’ve been enjoying my time alone while the house is quiet, with my iPod cranked up loud. Ironically, I can think freely with my earbuds in and I feel so much better after I go for my run. Actually, I’ve gotten quite a bit faster in my few months of running~ I’ve gained a whole mph.! (I’m not going to tell you exactly how fast I run because I know a few of you ladies out there could wipe the floor with me and my weak pace!) By taking the very few spare minutes of my day, I know I’m doing something good for myself and for my family.

I think we really are getting more comfortable in our routines and I think the fall has something to do with that. Life is becoming slightly more predictable and structured. I think the kids have security in their routines, not to mention myself.

Autumn is starting to show itself here in Colorado. There’s a crisp in the air in the evenings and when the kids wake us in the mornings. Our largest tree out front has hints of yellow around the edges of its leaves and almost all of our mums are ready to burst forth in bloom. We all enjoyed dinner al fresco a few nights ago, but I think that will be the last of the season. I’m looking forward to sock weather.


Tara said...

Good for you Mandie! Congradulations on working and losing that weight! That's a huge amount in really a pretty short time. And your little man is adorable. I'm sorry I didn't get to see him before we left. You take care!

Rebecca said...

You're the best Mandie.

I loved this update. Homeschooling, babies and losing weight. WHAT a combination! Add sewing/decorating projects and I would have been PUTTY.


Little baby Adam is beyond cute. Let me tell you~ every picture I see of him reminds me SO much of Josh. It is like looking at JOSH as a baby! (of course, that is just the pictures, but still!)

46 pounds?! Girly-you are an inspiration! Do you have someone stay with the kiddos during rest time or just run within eyesight of the house? I am constantly trying to figure out the best way to go about this~morning seems to be the best, but waking up early enough to do it is my downfall. I've lost 27 pounds and still have 20 more to go. 25 if I want to weigh what I did when I got married (who WOULDN'T?!?) But that last 20 pounds is really hanging on for dear life. Ugh.

YAY for Dabney! I have the book drawing with children too~and grand intentions. But I haven't even opened it up. I hope to get better with variety and consistency too. Up til now I have focused on Math and REading. That's it. Thanks for the note, I never knew about that!

Be well my friend.

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