Monday, May 02, 2011

Meet Aaron

Aaron Jacob Giedd
7lbs, 11oz
May 2, 2011

I. AM. EUPHORIC. and exhausted.


Rebecca said...


What'dya do? Go into labor right after you posted last time?!

Little Aaron is quite possibly the most beautiful newborn baby I have EVER. seen. Picture number two has me seriously considering flying out there just to swipe him and call him my own.

Congralations to you all and to sweet Aaron, who was born into just the greatest family. Love you!

Behn and Meg said...

How exciting!! He's adorable- congrats!!

Norma said...

Mandie, Aaron is beautiful! Congratulations to you and Tim.
I know the kids are so excited too.
Joni is still waiting patiently for our little one to arrive. Seeing these pictures just makes me more excited and ready to meet my new grandson.
Love you all.

Lindy said...

He's beautiful, Mandie!! I'm glad you're euphoric, and not just tired. :) What a precious little guy! Can't wait to see him, and to see him side by side with a certain other little newborn that will be arriving in a month or two!

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