Friday, June 17, 2011

Getting a Hold on my Grocery Budget

I've been wanting to share this with you all for a little while now and I'm excited that I finally get to do it now!

Grocery University couponing course

Something that has extremely beneficial to me in the last few months is a little audio series and PDF book combination called Grocery University. You might have noticed that one of the blogs that I follow is called Springs Bargains, and I've been reading that particular blog for quite a few years, thanks to my good friend, Michelle. Well, last year Carrie Isaac who writes the blog, published Grocery University~ an 2+ hours audio series in Mp3 format that you can listen to on your iPod or your computer and a 40 page pdf book all detailing how to get coupons and then organize them, how to use coupons, when to use coupons, where to use coupons and how to get the absolutely best deal on your groceries. It teaches you how to stockpile groceries at their rock bottom prices and never pay retail again. I printed out the book and I listened to the audio files as I walked on my treadmill. Ok, I must humbly add that I've been successfully using coupons for many years and I learned a boatload of new information.

Instant Digital Download of Grocery University

This series gave me a new perspective on couponing, a better system of organizing my shopping trips and a huge shot in the arm regarding saving money and extending our resources. Let me mention something else. The amount of money that you spend buying the course will be saved in the first month of your grocery shopping, I guarantee it. Did I mention that it's written by a Christian lady who understands godly stewardship and encourages tithing? Grocery University is a fabulous investment and I highly recommend it if you are serious at all about saving money.Link

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