Monday, April 09, 2007

The Costume Rack

I'm not sure if I showed this to you, Mom. After Dabney's birthday, and her influx of costumes, I had to do something to make sure they had a special place. I found a little wooden rack, painted it white and added a few wooden embellishments and presto! It fits very well behind her door.


Rebecca said...

Oh golly! Is that the cutest or what?!?! And those costumes are amazing! Oh Corynn would have a blast! We have all of our costumes in a rubbermaid bin (oh so aethetically pleasing!) :-) Would you please tell me the EXACT dates of your Dabney and David's birthdays? Por favor?!? ;-)

Mandie said...

Dabney would LOVE to play dress up with Corynn! Unfortunately, that is the extent of her costume closet. We have limited imaginations- he he he! I think I would love it if some of Corynn's imagination would rub off on Dab. Dabney's birthday is February 6, 2004 and David is December 24, 2005.

It's funny you mention birthdays~ I totally forgot about poor little Andrew! But, now that you blogged about it, I have it on my calendar and actually, it's also my niece, Lindsey's birthday, too (which I might mention I forget as well).

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