Monday, April 09, 2007

Little Helper

One of the best things about blogs is that I get a glimpse of life in my friends' everyday lives. As far as I'm concerned, the queen of blogs is my wonderful, long-time friend Rebecca's blog. I love to see her children growing up; they're very close in age to Dabney and David. I love that we do the same things like quilting and canning and homeschooling. And is she ever crafty! You should stop by and say hello even if it's only to see her photography. She posted some pictures of Corynn's doll and clothes that she made for the doll and I was so inspired, I had to make something for MY doll. My 3 year old doll. So I came up with this apron and she really loves it. I ask her what letter is on her apron and most of the time she gets it right. Then I ask "What does the "D" stand for?" She says, "For Dabney!" She has to wear her apron now whenever she helps me stir anything. And not only that, she makes me wear my apron if I'm busy in the kitchen, too.

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Rebecca said...

Thanks for saying all those sweet things about me, Mandie. I have to admit, I still consider us 'twins' and I was just mourning over the fact that we have only seen each other face to face for that wonderfully fun week seven years ago (wasn't it 7?).

We WILL meet again. I promise you that. ;-) In the meantime, I must say I LOVE for the very SAME reasons, that you started a blog. It is SO nice to be at least a small part of your every day life.

I love the apron for Dabney-and it looks like she is equally pleased! I made Corynn an apron for her 2nd Christmas and it has been a faithful companion ever since. I know EXACTLY what you mean about her wanting to wear it every time you are in the kitchen! You are a good Mama and are training her well!

Lots o Love

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