Thursday, January 24, 2008

Extreme Makeover Dabney Edition

(Despite the above picture, it is a satin finish, not glossy paint)

Well, it looks like I'm officially getting into my typical January groove now. I've noticed since we became homeowners, that every January I become overcome with the urge to improve my home. Last year we got new lamps and organizers for the master bedroom and master bath and I painted my kitchen and powder room a lovely parchment yellow. This year, we bought more organizers, especially for the kids' bathroom and we (finally) bought a garage door opener and had it installed. Praise the Lord! What a treat to have both cars in the garage at the same time!

Also, if you've been to my house, you know there is only 1 room in the whole house that is not painted. Yep, Dabney's room. This is because we've always planned on painting it pink and honestly, I'm not a pink person. The last thing I wanted was some obnoxious color on the walls attacking our retinas. When we went to Lowes (I'm a Lowes junkie) to get the garage door opener, I checked the mis-tinted paints like I always do and I mentioned to Tim that I'm looking for the perfect pink color for Dabney's room- not too bright, not a pastel, not Barbie-ish, not orange-y pink, but a classic pink that will never go out of style and a pink that will blend with the other colors of the house. Oh, and it has to go well with the green bedframe and dresser that already reside in her room. That same night, Tim had to run to Home Depot for something and came back with a gallon of mis-tinted pain in the perfect color! Talk about perfect providence! I've been searching for almost 3 years for Dabney's paint. How on earth did he find it within 90 minutes? Anyway, I tackled the room last Saturday and I love the way it looks, especially with the white trim and accents we already had on the walls. The room like a completely different space now- it's a rich color and the finger smudges are gone and the finger smudges that are yet to come can be wiped off easily. Now I'm really tempted to install that beadboard wainscoting, but that would require money and a table saw and a nail gun and who knows what other power tools plus Norm Abrams (or my dad). Maybe next January.

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