Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I am the Heir to the Coupon Throne. Of course this means that my mother is the Coupon Queen. But I think now I am ready for my coronation as princess.

As a young child, I clipped coupons aside the Queen at the dining room table. She taught me how to use scissors and how to cut straight lines.. I remember her neat piles of perfectly cut coupons, organized by category, laid out read to be filed into her envelope. I remember shopping with my mother for groceries every week. On the East Coast, sales begin on Saturdays (as opposed to Wednesdays here) and so we’d venture out every Friday evening to Pathmark or Superfresh or Acme and emerge hours later with our bounty for the growing family. Once, I think we were at Pathmark., our order was being rung up and the cashier told up that we saved over $100 using our coupons.. The people in line behind us actually cheered.

Now more than ever I realize the value of clipping coupons and planning out your grocery list and your meal plan for the week. Now my family is the one growing these days and there are some great appetites here in the Gieddflock~ especially our men. And lately, the coupon royalty in my blood has risen. Last weekend, my own Dabney helped me clip coupons with her little safety scissors. I want her to know that saving money for her family is worth it and important. I’ve come back to the system I know to be most helpful to me so I can save the most money that I can. I think this might be the beginning of a small series on how my system works. I found some great websites lately that have helped a lot and I’ll be including them too.

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