Friday, April 04, 2008

Physical Stewardship

I don’t usually do this but it’s something that’s been on my mind for quite a while now. I fear I must hop onto my soapbox and look myself straight in the mirror. Exercise. There’s a pang of fear that shivers down my spine when I here the word. Managing my weight by eating right only has ceased to be of any help to me after bearing 3 children in 4 years. I’ve been either pregnant and/or nursing since 6 weeks into our marriage (and tomorrow will be 5 years!) So, recently I’ve rekindled my relationship with Denise Austin, whom I have not seen since 2 children ago. I hesitated to do this for many reasons, but my main reason for exercise procrastination was that I felt that it was literally impossible to squeeze one more thing into my day, Especially something physically straining. (Do you hear “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”?) However, when you ask God, He grants you good things. He’s provided the strength and the time to exercise and so far so good. There is about 1-2 hours everyday when all 3 of the kids are asleep (or quiet in bed) and this is when I exercise. I had to sacrifice a few things that used to get done in that time, but I’ve had to change my schedule because I really do want this to be part of my everyday routine. So I’ve decided to list some of the myriad reasons (in no particular order) that I should exercise everyday.

Believe it or not, I do feel rejuvenated after I exercise
I have a refreshed outlook after I exercise
I want my children to have a fit mom
I want to be healthy
Exercise improves circulation, and therefore will minimize varicose veins
It improves your posture
Weight bearing exercise strengthens your bones
Exercise fights heart disease
I need to be strong to keep up with and play with my kids
I want to start (and continue to be) healthy if we get pregnant again.
I have pre-marriage clothes in my closet
I want to be more attractive to my husband
I’d like to be more limber and graceful
Building muscle speeds up your metabolism (I do NOT mean bulky muscle)
Shorts season is coming
My husband is an exercise fanatic and he’s pretty excited that I’m doing this everyday
I want my children to know that I believe exercise is important
Exercise is physical stewardship and God only gave us one body
30~45 minutes once a day really isn't that much time

I really enjoy the weight bearing exercises that Denise Austin does and recently I’ve been trying to get through the 45 minute Pilates workout that she’s put together without having to slow down and not do as many repetitions. I would also recommend her “Wellness Zone” workout as a starter and this one and also this one As for me I’m much more into the strength and conditioning workouts (think weights and resistance bands, pilates and yoga) than bouncing around cardio workouts. Anyway, those are my two cents for myself. If you wanted, you could pray that I would have endurance and stamina.


Rebecca said...

When you spoke about having three kids in four years and being pregnant or nursing with the exception of 6 wks. into marriage...that really puts it all into perspective.

I am right with you Mandie. Ashamedly, I weigh now the same that I did nine months pregnant with Andrew. I don't know how I ended up this way, I NEVER thought I would get here-ever in a million years. I assumed my metabolism would just go right on kickin' but apparently, it needs a little help these days.

Keep us updated. You know my monthly review I have been doing? A friend of mine does them as well and one of her major goals was to lose weight. It has been REALLY fub (and motivating) to keep up to date with each other! She has lost 13 pounds since January. Wowza.

Danadelfos said...

I've also heard that for however long you exercise, your body doesn't need that sleep because your body needs the exercise as well. Therefore you're not really losing any time throughout your day.

Or something along those lines...

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