Monday, September 08, 2008

For David

Before I was married I made quilts. Many many quilts. Some were wall hangings, some were bed coverings, some were kept for my family, some were gifts. I even got paid to make a few. It's funny now how few quilts I make. I always imagined I'd make a quilt for each of my children (at least one), and now I'm in the midst of it, although I thought I'd have finished more quilts by now.

We moved our big boy from a crib to a toddler bed last week (love those convertible cribs) and considering that winter is just around the corner here, we figured that he needs more than his little chenille blanket when we tuck him into bed. Excitedly, I went shopping in that tiny fabric store in my basement and emerged with the blue plaids and checks. I really like the result~ masculine, but not babyish is exactly what I was hoping to accomplish. However, in the spirit of a stubborn 2 year old boy, he claims that he already has a blanket and doesn't need a nice, warm, soft quilt and I should give it to Josh.

I made this pattern based on a beautiful vintage scrap quilt I saw at my uncle's house a few weeks ago. Maybe I will post a picture of the original some time. My quilt is only about 56"x65" right now~ which is a nice size for a lap quilt or a toddler bed (which was my original intention)~ but I'm seriously considering enlarging it to at least a twin. Maybe by the time I've quilted it, David will really love it.

If not, I'll cover him with it when he's sleeping.


Rodeo4Christ said...

How beautiful!!

Rebecca said...

That's funny that David doesn't want it. You can hold that over his head for a LONG time to come!

Great job Mandie. As a proud recipient of one of your stitched treasures, I know what a wonderful job you do. You are really blessing your children with your love-and future wives/husbands too!

Pasifik said...

Those are beautiful!



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