Monday, September 15, 2008

Notice anything?

(You may have to click on the picture to enlarge...)

First person to tell me what you see that shouldn't be in my sump basin wins... a cookie... or something like that.


Heidi said...

Do my eyes deceive me, or do I see a green frog in there?!!!

How in the world?

-Heidi Roach

Mandie said...

Yes, Heidi! Eeeek! Here's the long story. Our sump isn't working so I took a picture to email to my Dad (so he could help us diagnose the problem) and used the flash on my camera to light the cavernous basin to take the picture. I didn't even see the little guy until later that night when I used the flashlight to see if the manual pump was draining and I see this pretty fella doing the backstroke like Esther Williams! I started squealing in inaudible tones and ran up to make Tim turn off the pump so we didn't suck his little froggy legs off. I haven't touched the sump pump since.

Mandie said...

As for how how got in there, my best guess, which sounds more like a conspiracy theory, involves the Great Flood of '08 (see a few posts back) and a tadpole. Kind of like the model ship in the bottle thing.

Would anyone like to come to my house to get a sweet little pet for your kids or your brothers and sisters?

Rodeo4Christ said...

My sister LOVES frogs.. but my brothers would probably torchure them to I better not.=D

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