Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

Phew! What a great weekend we had! And it still only Saturday night! Yesterday Tim took off from work and we met one of my sweetest old friends from Delaware in Boulder. She finishing up a week of fun with another friend and we had the privilege of taking her to lunch and then dropping her at DIA. I so wish Johanna could have stayed through the weekend with us~ maybe next time.

It was such a treat to have you with us Johanna! We all want you to come back, especially the kids.

We also made it to the park (pictures of that to come) and our local Bible study on Friday evening, where I bribed my friend to take a family picture. (Can you believe I made it into 2 pictures in one post?)

And then I went a little crazy and took about 30 pictures of my kids as they were staying still for about a minute and a half. If anyone has any pointers about how to get 4 kids to look in the same direction with their eyes open, please let me know.


Lindy said...

The ONLY way I ever got my young kids to all look in the same direction was to put a stuffed animal on my head, and then "sneeze" so it would fall off. They all watched and they all smiled. But you have to click the camera before the stuffed animal hits the ground or you get a great picture of everyone looking at the ground. Nice. Your family is beautiful! You look great--look at that flat belly!!

Jo said...

Awww... Next time a longer visit will definitely be part of my itinerary!! :)

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