Thursday, August 13, 2009

Growing like a Giedd

Here's our big boy now at 9 weeks. He's such a content and tolerant little guy~ the rest of us can't get enough of him. He lights up when we talk to him and babbles and talks back and flashes us this heart-melting smile. I feel so spoiled with Adam~ he sleeps wonderfully and already makes it through the night.

The rest of us are alive and well also. The big boys love to build with their train tracks and make each other laugh. David is now officially sleeping on the top bunk and that makes bed time a treat for him. Josh follows David around a lot and loves to spend hours with his trains and matchbox cars on the kitchen floor.

Dabney is growing up so fast. She read a whole easy reader book by herself last week (not bad for beginning kindergarten this fall) and she loves to make up stories to tell her brothers. Last weekend, Dab and I went to Archivers for a few make and take projects and a really great sale. When we came home we painted her nails different shades of purple, just like she wanted. I love spending girly time with her. She is a joy to be around.

She fell on her pretty face on the side walk last week as we were taking a stroll, but she's almost all healed now and she's been a very brave trooper.

We have a nice weekend lined up and I'm planning on taking many more pictures so there will be more to blog about soon I hope.

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Jo said...


I was so blessed to be a part of your "nice weekend"! It was wonderful to see you and meet your family. Thanks for making the effort to make it happen; I know how tough that can be with all the little ones. :)


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