Friday, March 26, 2010


Do you ever do online searches? Of course, the obvious answer is "yes"! I know, especially as homeschool mom, I use the internet a lot to aid in schooling, to find store hours, etc. A few years ago I discovered a website called Swagbucks that rewards you when you use their search engine. When you do a search, most of the time, they deposit "Swagbucks" into your account and when you earn enough, you can cash them in for cool things like gift cards. I even know of a few ladies (also homeschool moms) that use Swagbucks exclusively to fund their Christmas budgets. Since I joined about 2 years ago, I've cashed in for at least 4 Amazon gift cards (And that included a 1.5 year hiatus!) Check out the "Swidget" on my sidebar, just under all of you lovely followers, and click on "Sign Up". And in case you were wondering, it is completely, totally, 100% free and there are no nasty ads! I consider Swagbucks to be a great way to earn giftcards (and other things, but I like giftcards) for something I already do.

P.S. Just as a reference, I just started using Swagbucks again about 10 days ago, so all of the bucks that you see on my Swidget (except 4) have been gained in the last 10 days.

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Rose West said...

I've just recently been hearing about Swagbucks, but wasn't sure if it was for real. It's good to hear your first-hand experience!

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