Thursday, March 04, 2010

Texas Trip Randomness

These are apartments over these stores in Ft. Worth. I think living over a shopping center would be so cool.

Don't you want to stroll in here and buy a hardback?

"100,000 Pesos? We do not have 100,000 Pesos."

Dabney was dying to get a picture with "Donald McDonald".


Rachel said...

Wa-wa-wait. Are you guys there now?

Grandma Lloyd said...

GREAT pictures! I love them!!! Thanks so much for sharing. Living over a shopping center????? That is so you, Mandie! The kids are so sweet! So glad your trip went well. That little Adam (aka Scooter) is growing too fast - tell him to slow down. At least I feel like I am not "missing" everything - thanks to you I can look at you guys anytime, and skype you, email you, call you..... Isn't God Good to us? BTW, I have an almost exact picture of you, Mandie, with "Donald McDonald" at about the same age, except I think you were sitting on his lap! Blessings & Love Always, mom xoxoxox

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