Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday's "to do" List

Whew! Monday is here again and the list of work keeps growing! I don't know about you, but my life would be absolute chaos without a daily and weekly to do list. Usually I begin with the daily list and add things that I'd like to have done by the end of the week.

  • LAUNDRY [x]
  • inventory kids summer clothes [x]
  • pack hospital bag [x]
  • clip, sort and file coupons from yesterday's paper [x]
  • gather papers for pre-admission this week [x]
  • dinner plan for the week[x]
  • hospitality menu for Saturday [x]
  • begin to pack away freezer meals for baby week
  • find an out of the way place for 3 extra mattresses (details to come) [x]
  • finish trimming the laminated Latin/English flashcards [x]
  • remove diaper hook and loop tabs from remaining unconverted diapers
  • iron Tim's shirts before they begin to multiply [x]
  • finish new baby wipes
(Um, how long did it take me to figure out that brown wipes are the way to go?)

  • order shorts for David using Gymbucks (poor kid has 1 pair in size 5!) [x]
  • hem Tim's pants [x] (Hooray!)
  • purge and de-clutter linen closet
  • make fabric labels for Adam's new clothes bins
So many books in a room with 3 boys trying to nap was too much temptation. Now Adam has a perfectly accessible place for his clothes. Much better.

Oh, and some of this...

And all the while, I must keep this crazy, dirt attracting child out of trouble.

What does Monday look like at your house?


Rebecca said...

Three extra mattresses-you need a place for them? How about here?! ;-)

Your list is exhausting which leads me to the question: why do I always feel like such a sloth in my last few weeks and you seem crazy productive?! hmmmm. Must think on these things....

I always much prefered listened to the women who say (and I am saying this to YOU so LISTEN UP!) that "You take it easy these last few weeks and get rested up and put your feet up and get Tim to give you a few massages and take as long as you want in that candlelight bubblebath and order a pizza for goodness sake!) Okay. No one ever told me that but I sure wish they did!

Hope you accomplish much and feel rest through it all!

Lindy said...

Mandie-- I have LOTS of size five shorts that are just a little snug on Trevor! I pass some stuff along to Daniel, but would be happy to share some with you. We get hand-me-downs from our twin nephews so Trevor gets twice as much as he could possibly wear! Let me know and I'll share with you!

Can't wait to meet the newest boy!!
FB me...

Schaefer Clan said...

Hey Mandie!

Oh- my list is soo similar! Do you really get everything done in one day or is it a week-long list?! It's more like my week-long list. Still have to pack that bag for the hospital and pre-register (maybe it's because I haven't been to the docs in 3 weeks :-)

Anyhow, do you have a system for clothes? Like how many outfits or separates/child/season? I feel like I always have too much, but I'm afraid to cut down too much, since there are always the "accident" days and "dirty" days where we can go thru multiple outfits :-) And finding used, but still wearable, boys clothes is getting soo much harder! I guess they just wear everything out. Which is another reason to keep extras- that way I don't have to get more in the future...any thoughts?

PS- post another pic of that belly- too bad we can't get a pic together!


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