Thursday, April 07, 2011

Overdue Pictures

We had a fabulous weekend last week when my Dad and his pastor from Hawaii came to visit us.
It was a gift to get to have Dad for the weekend and it was an instant family connection with Pastor Vander Meulen. Dad, Pastor VM, thank you so much for visiting us!

These pictures have been overdue since Monday morning~ sorry Mom~ and they still aren't in order. I might be able to re-arrange them tomorrow.

There's no significant reason for this picture~ I just thought Aunt Cait might like to see that her niece is following in her Marguerite Henry footsteps.

The guys and their "important meeting".

See who's nestled in and snoozing next to Pastor Vander Meulen?

PopPop's girl

Saying goodbye, David style

1 comment:

Rose West said...

Don't you mean hoofsteps? :)

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