Tuesday, September 20, 2011

August Recap

So, here it is, mid-September (yay!) and I'm only now getting around to posting pictures from August. Sorry!
We began school a few weeks ago and the kids are doing very well. Dabney is a big 2nd grader, David is in 1st grade and Josh is very excited to be in Kindergarten this year. We finished out the summer with lots of bike riding and park trips and general playfulness. The kids were a little shocked when I pulled out the school books again and expected a small level of actual schoolwork top be done. Now we are getting back in our groove and accomplishing things.

Hey Mom and Dad, (the rest of you can skip this part if you want)
We were walking through our neighborhood a few weeks ago and I got a good look at our Dabney and I realized she was 7 years old and I thought about where I was when I was 7 and instantaneously I had a flashback. I was sitting on one of Grandpa's stools at that red laminate countertop, down at the farm and getting a phone call from you guys while I was staying with Grandma and Grandpa that summer. Mom told me that you both had visited with the people at Wilmington Christian School and that I had been accepted and I was going to a new school on the fall. Mom told me about how hard Dad was working so that we could go to a good and safe school. So, as I was reminiscing walking down the street as I watched my own kids on their bikes and scooters, I started to tear up remembering my faithful parents and their hard work and sacrifices on my behalf.


David is doing well learning to ride his big bike. While David was getting his latest lesson and Dabney was riding her bike, Joshua and Adam were poking around and Josh comes to me and says, "Hey mom? Can I do tricks in the grass?" The following resulted:

It's gotten pretty cold here in the past few nights so we hauled out the fuzzy warm 3-6 month
baby pajamas and now little Aaron is even more snuggly (if that's possible).

I'm going to try to get my kids' school pictures done pretty soon so stay tuned..... but don't hold your breath.

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Rebecca said...

Someone once said to me after looking at my children: "You only make one model, don't you?" I just loved that! It reminds me of your children too....they all have such similar features! Sweet!

Yes, Mandie, I got your WONDERFUL, lovely email and enjoyed it immensely. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I have (and have had....and WILL have) SO much on my plate these days I really feel quite like I am suffocating most of the time.

Not even treading water~ but actually drowning! I must tell you all about it. Soon.

But for now, I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed hearing Aarons birth story and having a note JUST to me! Made me feel very special.

Much love to you all. *Muah*

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