Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Prep

 Saturday was pretty busy around these parts. In the morning, while the kids were doing their chores, I made 3 pies, strawberry jello salad, a gallon of yogurt, and a large quiche. All of this is normal for our household, great food for our Easter feast , baskets for the kids, etc. Here's my bad mom confession. I don't usually dye eggs with my kids. It had been years (and a few kids) since I had attempted it. Five kids + egg dye + clothes = too much for me to handle But this year I was determined to be a good mom and dye eggs with the kids and even make cut-out sugar cookies as penance.

I'm happy to report that we all survived.

I used a boxed sugar cookie mix and my new (clearance) cookie cutters from  Williams -Sonoma. I divided the cookie dough in quarters and used my food colorings and colored each quarter a different color.

Turned out pretty great huh? I was pleased until I took them out of the oven when they were done. The cookies turned brown just like they should have, but the brown really didn't look so great with yellow chicks, blue eggs, orange carrots and pink bunnies. 

 He didn't mind.

Onward to the eggs. All 5 dozen of them.

Josh made fantastic yellow- orange- green hues.

Dabney made lots of purple, and David stuck with varying degrees of blues.

This guy just walked around eating warm cookies, handing things to people saying, "Here go", and randomly interjecting "Pur-ple!"

 That wound healing under his mouth is from Wednesday when he bit right through his lip. I'm so grateful his injury wasn't as bad as it could have been.

The aftermath.
 Clean up wasn't the catastrophe that I had imagined and I can't wait to do it again next year.

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Rebecca said...

Holy smokes. I hardly even recognized Josh! He is such a BOY now. I remember when he looked a whole lot more like David than the boy in THAT picture!

Glad you all had a great Easter. It is so good to be getting these updates again! I have missed them very much and have often wondered what is happening in your neck of the woods!

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