Friday, March 29, 2013

Secret's Out

It's funny how things can be so busy although nothing new is happening. And that has been the case around here for the last, I don't know, YEAR. We still live in the same small house (small for 7 people), we still homeschool. Tim has been with his company for almost 9 years now.

But some elements of our life are pretty tough right now. We have 5 rapidly growing kids that need room to run and play and work. Although we know that God always provides for his children, we could use a bigger grocery budget (and clothes budget and curriculum budget). We would love to have a verdant garden where we could supplement said budgets with fresh produce and where our kids would learn to work hard and learn the rewards of working the land. It would be nice to live in a place where the cost of living, housing especially, would be more reasonable. As a homeschooler, I see such a value in living close to areas where our American history was forged and trips to DC, Williamsburg, Philadelphia, Jamestown would be such a blessing to my teaching efforts. I want my kids to be as well aquainted with these places as I was growing up. We really dream about living closer to family that wants to be involved in our kids' lives. Family is precious and we're so tired of living so far apart from those we love.  The places that would fit all these bills seem to be in the south eastern US. We're thinking NC, SC, TN, VA, etc. I was raised on the east coast, so any of those places would definitely be 'home' to me. 

We've been dreaming about all of these things for quite a while now and I thought I just might share with you all. I'm also sending this out there so you all will be witnesses as we watch God do amazing things in our lives. You can pray that God will make our way straight and clear and send a wonderful job offer for us and that we'd be wise and prudent as we take the first (half) steps in selling our home.

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Rebecca said...

Maybe you could go a bit more NORTH easterly? Like say....I don't know....someplace like....hmmmmmmmmm.....PA? ;-)

No matter what place you wind up, anywhere "Easterly" is more close to me so I will take it...even if it isn't down the road or to a house annexed by a tube slide (my first choice).

I'll be praying for you and your family during this exciting and stressful and sometimes overwhelming times. It is wonderful to know that, even when we don't know our next step, the Lord does and He has orchestrated it already.

Oh- and by any chance, did you ever receive that bookish letter I wrote last summer? I'd hate for it to have gotten lost in the mail. I'd like to be sure it can get to you before I write you another. And I really want to be sure you aren't upset with me in any way. I can't shake this vibe that something is amiss.

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