Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Christmas from Hawaii

Mmmm! Nummy paper!

Look at the joy in that face!

Packages for everyone!


Rebecca said...

Ummm...help! It isn't Christmas time YET, is it?!?!? ARGH!

It is SUCH a special thing, to get mail from loved ones....speaking of WHICH~did you ever recieve a letter thanking you for that package you sent a while back? I know I wrote one, but I can't remember if I SENT it-and if I DIDN'T-I have NO CLUE where I might have put it. I really LOVED that package brimming full of surprises for everyone. So much so that I sat down and wrote a letter to you that very night. I got intterupted before I finished it. SO-now I can't remember if I ever DID finish it.

I am SOOOO organized lately. I am the need for a letter-writing sit down soon anyway-but I want to make sure I don't reiterate if I don't have to.

Let me know. I hereby promise you a letter WITHIN the month of October-preverably the beginning! :-)

Rebecca said...

Oh-and one more thing. I can't believe how BIG your little guy is. I mean, David is ONLY four months older than Andrew-but he has a head full of hair, is sitting up and looks to be crawling. He is such a big boy! (Even though he is wearing the same size as my five month old sumo wrestler...)

Mandie said...

Yea! I'm so glad you got the package a while back! Phew- I was a little worried. I didn't receive tyour letter, but, hey, you're talking to "Miss Way Far Behind" here so don't worry about it.

Is it just me or do Andrew and David look alike? I think we may have another set of twins! I just want to hug Andrew everytime you post a picture! David isn't quite crawling yet- he rather scoots around and rolls (quite forcefully sometimes). No army-man crawl yet, though. No teeth though, either. I just gave is hair a trim last Sunday! I kind of botched it- but at least it's not hanging over his ears anymore. I think when it gets thicker, I'll be able to cut it better.

Rebecca said...

It's NOT you-I think the very same thing. Especially with the first and last pictures in this post. I think it is the dark eyes and eyebrows.

The other day, Andrew was laying on the floor and I went upstairs for a minute. When I came down a few minutes later-I couldn't find him ANYWHERE. He had rolled himself ACROSS the basement floor-THROUGH Corynn's new birthday tent and I found him fast asleep on the OTHER side-with feet still in the tent. I couldn't believe it. Crazy kid.

Do you cut DAbney's hair? I SO don't even want to THINK about cutting the children's hair. I KNOW I will mess it up big time. I do Matt's hair-but he has a buzz cut so it isn't bad. I don't want my baby boy to have a buzz cut though. I don't know WHAt I will do!

James said...

Love the pictures. I love to come on here and see my little munchkins! David's haircut is sooo cute and you can't tell that "you botched it up". I see that Dabney likes to read her MOES and David's going to be just like his sister and love to read. Well sorry for interrupting.

Mandie said...

James! You are SO not interrupting! I love to hear from you! We all do!

And Rebecca, I only trim Dabney's bangs- I've never cut any length off yet. (Although she snipped at some of her whispy hairs around her ears the same day I trimmed David's hair. I think I caught her early enough before she really did damage.)

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