Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The kids are getting SO big!

Check out this handsome fella! There are barely words to describe how excited I am to call this little boy mine. He's always cheerful- even at 3am when Mama's not so cheerful! Every week at church, at least one person tells me how much diferent he looks even from the week before. I think that must be because he was so small for so long. And now he fits into 6-9 month clothes! Ha! He'll be 9 months this Sunday. :) He's such a little man- always talking and babbling in his little sing-songy way. He just lights up when he sees Daddy and Mommy (talk about joy in a Mama's heart) and no one can make him laugh like his sister! I wish I could record his hilarious little giggles so you all could hear them! He is so precious to us!

And Miss Dabney is such big girl. She wants so badly to be a Mommy and she's even learning to become a help to me. She had her puppy wrapped in a blanket today and was telling me that he was "Seeping". Do you know she even set the table for me last night? She set out the napkins and the forks on the napkins and put them in the spots where we eat! She didn't fold the napkins, but hey, she's only 2! She's also been dying to cook. And to stir anything- especially the chocolate for the groom's cake. We baked cookies Saturday night and she loved rolling out (and tasting) the dough.

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