Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Our Trip to the Zoo

My little hatchlings!

This is Tonya the tortoise. "We called her a tortoise, because she tortoise" Dabney got to touch a California Bull Snake too, but Mommy just wasn't quick enough with her camera.

Dabney and the Meerkats. She wanted to hold them all and asked me at every cage. "Peese, Mama?" I think this one wanted to be held.


Rebecca said...

The zoo is the most wonderful place! But THIS zoo-is super duper. I have never been to a zoo where the animals are so upclose and personal! YOu must have had a ball!

So bizarre that your last post was on a blizzard and this one the children are wearing light clothes! Is the zoo somewhere far away?

Rebecca said...

Oh-and how is is that David looks different in EVERY photo you take of him!?!

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