Monday, February 26, 2007

David's Room v2.0

Isn't it funny how sometimes you see ballerina fairies in pictures when you aren't expecting them?

Well, I'm nesting again. You can tell because I'm re-arranging furniture again. Actually, since we moved in (May '05) David's room had never been 'decorated'. We just sort of stuck the furniture in where ever it fit. So, this week, after doing Dabney's room, we gave David's room a facelift. I think it make the room a whole lot brighter and spacious. I bought the canvas art at T.J.Maxx/ Homegoods. I love that store and I'm waiting until I find more cheap ones to cover the rest of the walls.

Dabney was reading to Davey this morning in front of the bookcase. I think that is why his vocabulary is skyrocketing. Today he said "Thank You" and he also says "Dabney"(not easy without teeth!), "Hi", and of course "Mama" and "Daddy". And he can blow kisses- complete with kissing sounds! He's a genius!

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Anonymous said...

Look at that cute little guy!!! He's so proud of his new little room - it comes complete with fairy and all. It's a neat little boys room! Now I can see where Davy sleeps, too - soooooooo sweet!
Sweet Dreams, Little Man...we love you.
Gwamma Lloyd

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