Monday, February 26, 2007

It's finally finished!!!

The quilt is done. I thought I would never finish. Piecing it was hard enough, but when I was sick a few weeks ago, I decided to hand quilt like a mad woman. And I did. It lived on our couch while I was in the midst of quilting and every spare second I'd work on it even if it was a little. Phew. I'm so glad it's done. I planned the quilt and bought the fabric before we moved into our house, but it's all worth it to hear Dabney say "I wove my qweelt".


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful Mandie!!! Job well done.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing the place where Dabney lays her little head at night! What a beautiful qweelt!!!
You did a great job, Mandie - you are a very loving mother. I am proud of you.
Your Mom

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