Thursday, March 08, 2007

Can you say "nesting"?

These ain't yo Mama's diapers!

Don't you just love the Tarzan diaper? Yes, I'm making diapers. Newborn fleece diapers to be exact. There will be 24 when I'm done- 3 of each color combination. Cloth diapers are so cool now! There's a waterproof layer (called PUL) inside the layers of fleece, and I made them pocket diapers so I can stick an absorbent insert inside, too. No more rubber pants or pins or soaked bed sheets! I'm trying to find (and scale) a size large diaper pattern for David. His size 4 sposies are getting too snug on him already! (He needs to do more cardio!)

I wish I had my new little pumpkin to try them on.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Fantastic job on the diapers! Did you use a pattern or fudge your way through?

They are incredible and I can only imagine how soft...

and I L*O*V*E the tarzan print one! How CUTE is that!?!?

Great job!

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