Thursday, March 08, 2007

We had our ultrasound last Friday!

We have a healthy baby! Whenever we go in for the ultrasounds, they are just magic! I can't even describe the bond I feel with that "baby on tv", as Dabney called it. Our baby gave us the biggest yawn and squirmmed around until it was comfortable and then baby tried to fall back asleep. We saw the heart chambers and brain lobes and even a tiny (but full) bladder. Just amazing. I guess by now you would like to find out what else we found out. I don't blame you. I almost had a heart attack. Since we found out we were pregnant, I felt that I knew what we were having. I knew it in my soul. I WAS WRONG. VERY WRONG. Dabney and David have a.....


It's a boy! An undeniable boy. We have photographic evidence, but for the sake of our son's dignity, I won't post it here.

He's so sweet and Praise God he's healthy! We're very excited, I'm still a little shocked, but very excited. We can't wait to meet little Joshua Caleb in July.

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Rebecca said...

Oh Mandie! CONGRATULATIONS on another son!!! I know, you don't have him 'out' yet but it is SUCH an axciting thing to know WHO it is that will be joining your family!

So-you thought it was a girl, eh? Is Dabney happy or a bit disappointed? I know all Corynn talks about these days is getting a sister, so when I DO get pregnant, I think I might be hoping for a little girl for HER sake!

Little Joshua will be such a perfect little playmate for David. ! They will grow up to be fast friends...such wonderful news!!!

Congratulations again-and I must say, you guys have GREAT taste in names! ;-)

I think this warrants a real bonafide letter! :-)

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