Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just to let you know...

I have the best husband in the world.

There isn't much that I don't tell him- actually the only thing I don't tell him is what I'm getting him for Christmas- so he knew I was kind of down yesterday. Do you know what that sweet man did? He came home early with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Gorgeous dainty little variagated peach carnations. The most beautiful flowers. I love him. Thought I'd spread the word.

Getting outside and getting exercise did indeed do me good yesterday. During the bitterly cold winter months I forget how much I love my backyard. I love my boxwoods that are hibernating- but still green. I love how much room we have in the backyard and I love my lilacs that are dormant and I love my compost pile that is slowly turning my kitchen scraps into lovely rich compost that will help my garden grow this summer. Actually, when I was turning the pile yesterday, we found a little field mouse inside- still alive. I'm glad we spotted him before I skewered him with my compost fork. The only sad thing is that although the last few day have been so wonderful outside, we can't plant anything yet. This time of year in DE and PA, things are turning green and staying green. Here, they tell us not to plant outside until Mother's Day. Mother's Day! 2 more months at least until the last frost.

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