Friday, June 08, 2007

My Latest Project

I've had a great time planning this and then assembling it. My very own clothesline! As you all know, we cloth diaper and to offset the cost of the extra water for the extra load of laundry every now and then, we decided to put up a clothesline on which to dry the diapers (at least the diapers, probably bed sheets and other things, too). Also, clotheslines are big with cloth diaper moms because sunning the diapers also removes stains. I can't wait to have fresh outdoor-sy smelling laundry!

I had a whole corner of the yard that wasn't being used at all and so I set up the line on that side of the house. It won't be obtrusive for the kids and still will get plenty of sun. Hopefully the neighbors on that side won't even notice. I got some 5" lag bolts (the longest Lowes had) so the line won't be so close to the fence. I'll probably use this side of the line for sheets. The whole thing is sort of L-shaped- I was trying to rig it so depending on the time of day, the laundry can get maximum sun exposure.

^I think I will Scotchgard this.^ Does the fabric look familiar? It used to be David's old curtains.

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