Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Need Your Help!

Ok, this Saturday is officially Yard Sale Day. The pile in the garage has been multiplying and it's growing in every direction. I've been through the crawlspace and the kids' closets and in the cabinets and everywhere I can imagine to find the stuff that we've accumulated over the years (and before those years, too- Tim had a lot of bachelor stuff, too.) It feels so good to get everything cleared out and cleaned up. The part that I love is that we really aren't parting with anything either. I went through the kids books and found that I had 2 of some books, so we keep the nicer copy and maybe someone else can use the other. And we have been given so much! Things that we've been given and can't use are also in the yard sale. I really can't wait until after Saturday and reclaim my garage as well. You all come in here, while I have the little price sticker tags and help me with price suggestions. This is my biggest dilemma. I really don't want to give everything away for really cheap just to get it out of the house and on the other side, I don't want to keep the prices too high and not sell anything. This is my very first garage sale and I don't even visit them to buy things ~ honestly, my sleep on Saturday mornings is way too precious in this time of my life. (Keep reading...)

Please help with any yard sale suggestions that you may have:

Rebecca, you are the queen of these things- help a Sista out!
Mom and Dad, C & J, you all just had one last summer- you know what sells and for how much!
Everyone else, I'm desperate!

One cue I took from Rebecca is doing a bake sale, too. Who doesn't need a cinnamon roll in the early morning hours? I'm also doing potato crescent rolls for those like me who need a little dinner inspiration. Tim suggested I try my "Better than Pop Tarts" (Dabney calls them Top Tarts.) And large snickerdoodles. Everyone needs a cookie or two. Again, I need someone to hold my hand. What would you think these things cost at a bake sale? I'm pretty sure we'll have sodas, too.


On the pregnancy front, I'll be 36 weeks in 2 days and I preregistered at the hospital on Monday. Whew. Now I can go into labor without people asking me to "sign here" and "initial here" between contractions. Sleeping is not so easy these days, and not exactly restful either. The child likes to dance at night. And I have crazy dreams. Last night it was all about the diapers I will need for Joshua. Dabney's been out of bed with "dreams" too. Last night for her, there was a dream about a truck and then another about a chicken. Go figure. Night before last I had a very nice dream about Hawaii.

Bending over is becoming pretty painful these days. Hopefully, with the next pregnancy Dabney will be big enough to help me reach things in the dryer (the worst part of my week). I truly thought I was going to snap in half the other day when I reached for a pillow.

Grandma Iris will be coming in a few weeks to help us out. I think the date is the 19th. This is the other thing that keeps me awake at night~ running through possible scenarios~ like "what do I do with the kids, if they're napping and the real thing starts?" or "should I really call the Brottlunds if its 2 am?" and recently "Will I have time to wait for the Brottlunds to get to our house? What if I have a really quick labor?" I think the answer is probably just to trust the Lord for all the details. The good thing is that I think Iris timed her visit pretty well with the due date. Unless Baby Josh is really early, she should be here to stay with the kids, even in the middle of the night, and Tim and I would be off to the hospital without having to worry about the kiddos. (As you can tell, prayers for peace would be appreciated.)

I think that's all the news I have. We're trying to stay cool around here. The temp in the kitchen the other day was 84 degrees! My North Dakotan couldn't take it and turned on the AC. Thankfully, the cool winds picked up that night and he turned it off again.

Have a nice Wednesday everyone! (and I will be expecting your comments!)

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Rebecca said...

Ah yes! Yard sale time. I totally forgot to make a post on this!

No matter.

I can't believe this will be your first yard sale! I have one (or several) every year to get some extra dough!hehehe) I am sure you will have such great profits, you might do them more often! :-)

This is what I do for pricing:
As for pricing, I used those colored dots. Each dot represented a price: 25, 50, 75, 1.00. All WHITE dots were 'as marked'. It saves having to write out a gazillion prices. Just be sure to make several poster price list signs so people know what the dots stand for.

Standard books- 25c
Nice books-50c to 1.00

Clothing all stays in the 'up-to$1.00' category. I usually have the well worn clothes at 25, nicer at 50, really nice, stylish and namebrand at 75, and exceptional at $1.00. I have FAR less 75, 1.00 stuff. Coats and snowsuits would be over a dollar though.

Shoes I always sell at 50c a piece and I make a sign saying that (so I don't have to use stickers.)

Movies it depends. Many people sell VHS for $1.00 and DVD's for 2-3.00. I did that but they REALLY fly out of there at 50c VHS ans $1.00 DVD-so it is all how much of a chance you want to take.

Household stuff is a free-for all.

Baked goods? I sold 3 large cinnamon rolls per plate at $2.00 a piece and they FLEW out of there. I sold 3 cookies for $1.00, 4 pieces of fudge for $1.00, baked loaf of bread for $3.00, pie for $5.

Sodas-ask 50 a can and you'll do great!

speaking of the baked sale stuff-after this whole yard sale bit is OVER, I would LOVE to have your better than a poptart recipe. Pretty please?!?!

I guess that is all I can think of for pricing things. Of course, i don't know what the living costs range in CO, but that is what things usually go for in PA/NY.

Some other suggestions:
Put an ad in the paper. That is how a LOT of business comes. Make LOTS of signs and put them up throughout the neighborhood. Including arrows is awesome.
I also make a sign for the front yard and put it out all week, so neighbors and drive-bys might see it.

Start stashing plastic shopping bags-they will come in REAL handy as people by things.

Have lots of change on hand, just in case. I usually get

2 $20.00 bills
3 $10.00 bills
4 $5.00 bills
10 $1.00 bills

and then silver change lying about.

Anymore ???, just ask!

I hope you have GREAT success at your sale! Lots of love!

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