Friday, June 08, 2007

Not a Coincidence

This is a picture of my next door neighbors' house. Last Saturday while we were all resting during a nice, afternoon thunderstorm, we heard the loudest clap of thunder we had ever heard. Ear-splitting. Our house shook. Dabney woke from her nap and started screaming. Seconds later, our doorbell rang. Our neighbors' house had been struck by the lightning and the mom smelled smoke. She called the fire department and brought her kids on over to our place. The FD and police came and checked it out and there was no fire, but there is a big hole in their house.

Maybe because it was a lazy afternoon, Tim and I got to thinking. This was not an accident. It could have been our house, but in His mercy, God chose the location of the lightning to be about 30 yards from where our very heads lay sleeping peacefully. It reminds me that we think we have things figured out, but truthfully, we control nothing. Our lives and our children's lives and our homes and the multitude of blessings we have are God's gifts and not coincidences. We have so much to be thankful for.

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