Friday, August 31, 2007

"this is the dawning of the age of plumeria" (and ti)

"Let the sunshine in!"

My own little piece of Kauai! James brought us the plumeria and ti cuttings that I tried to find when we were in Hawaii and now after a lot of water and sunlight, they've bloomed! I have pink, yellow and white plumeria plants and 2 green ti plants and 1 red ti plant (the other red hasn't grown roots yet.) Aren't they cool? Yea! I have my own tropical plants~ praise the Lord for making them grow!

And this is one of the ti plants, that came along with the plumeria. Ti plants are everywhere in the landscape of Kauai~ actually, hula skirts are traditionally made with green ti leaves. This is a green ti. (Green tea is a totally different plant.)

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