Monday, September 03, 2007

Family Hike- Waldo Canyon

A week ago Saturday we took a hike up Waldo Canyon and really enjoyed ourselves and the creation around us. We got about 1.5 miles up before someone with little legs (not me) started complaining, "My legs are broken! I need water for my legs!"

Yep, Davey took the easy way up.

This picture is at the top of the hill that overlooks the highway. When we lived in Divide, we'd see hikers here at the top and after 9 years of living in Colorado, it was nice for me and my family to be at the top, looking down at the car whizzing by on the highway.

I hear what you're saying, "Where are you, Mandie"? Well, my husband did in fact take a picture of me on the trail~ remember, I'm 5 weeks postpartum in this picture. Here I am.

1 comment:

Uncle Jim said...

Hey Mandie!

I know that you want us to comment more often so here I am. I just wanted to say that that is my new fav Dabneyism. How could you get more classic than that!!!

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