Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thank you Aunt Rebecca!

(I've become so so awful at thank you notes that I've decided to do a blog thank you note~ this way it's instant and I can include a picture or two.)

Dear Rebecca,
How thoughtful of you to send gifts for Joshua! We love the romper- so cute- but all the excitement has come form the sweet elephant towel. Of course we use it for bathtime, but when Joshua is not all snug and warm in it, Dabney (with David in tow) is running around with it on her head saying, "Call me Elephant, Mama!" What a girl! *She wants to be an animal when she grows up.* And you were so kind to not leave out Dabney and David (and me) with your gift giving~ Dabney carries her princess case around a lot (candy has been long gone) and we will definitely be trying David's balloon rockets soon. (And I love the bath salts! What a treat.)
I'm sorry this note is so late, it seems that these kids have me on my toes all the live long day and I even find myself dozing off during the 10 o'clock news. Last night, I actually dropped the book I was reading because I fell asleep! Excuses, excuses. I should have written you a hand written note, but I will post this anyway out of fear the former will never come into existence.
I check your blog almost every day and I love every picture and story~ I really must post more comments. As you well know, my blog is definitely lacking but I hope that one day soon when things level out around here, I will catch up and I'll be back to normal. I've got piles and piles of scrapbook pages to do and books to read and letters to write and recipes to try, but I think the Lord is humbling me some and I must be content if the toys are picked, the laundry and diapers are clean, my family had a hot dinner and I've read at least one book with my kids. I think about you and your sweet little ones out in "Happy Valley" and I know one day our girls will be playing dress up together and our sons will be playfully wrestling together or catching frogs and you and I will be sipping coffee and watching them all with smiles on our faces. Gotta go for now~ there's at least one diaper to change and (thank goodness) it's almost naptime.


P.S. Now that you have high speed internet, I am officially the last person on the planet with dial-up!

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Rebecca said...

wowee....I got a whole post all to myself! I feel quite honored-and it WAS just like reading one of your letters!

Don't feel bad about the snail mail-I know EXACTLY how you feel as I have been 'meaning to' for MONTHS now too. I am just SO Very thankful that I now get occassional updates (AND PHOTOS!! Double WOO HOO!!!) via your blog. I am SO glad you started this blog...let me tell you!

I'm really happy you liked the elephant towel and package. Just small stuff-but each one comes with a big message-LOVE! I really enjoyed sneaking a glimpse of the towel a few weeks ago when you posted those photos!

Your children are so sweet and beautiful. I miss you Mandie!

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