Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Prep Day

I love prep day! Just like the day before company comes, I can spend the day happily cooking away because all the culinary deadlines are tomorrow. Today we'll be making the cranberry sauce, pie filling, dinner roll dough, and my beloved turkey brine (more about that later), and a few more surprises.

In other news, I ventured into Bed Bath and Beyond today which really was almost too much for me to withstand. They had all the brushed stainless and anodized aluminum (my weakness) by the customer service counter and the other places I had to check out in the store. I only had to pick up one thing (non-turkey related) and though the siren songs were loud, I managed to resist this and this and this (*swoon*). My eyes were still glossed over as I walked back to the car, but my wallet was still intact. If I had a drug, Bed, Bath and Beyond would be it.

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