Friday, February 22, 2008

Cold, Slow February

I agree with Caitlin~ February seems to be absolutely dragging on forever. And we have another full week until March. It’s been mostly cold and windy here~ with a conspicuous lack of snow. I feel that if the average high is going to be less than freezing, we might as well have some snow on the ground. Around here, we’ve been mostly hanging out and keeping busy inside. Dabney’s been practicing handwriting and David has been keeping busy by helping Mommy, so that he is occupied with good things and not left to his own mischief. His favorite thing these days is to “Bacuum” and sometimes we even let him push it himself when time permits (it takes a while).

In other news, David is progressing quite well in the potty training realm. He’s been wearing his big boy underwear and he likes them a lot. It seems they inspire and remind him to use the potty. If I remind him ever 45 minutes or so, we can go quite a while without an accident. It encourages me a great deal to be able to see a light at the end of the diaper tunnel.

I’ve been organizing the basement and the outgrown/ yet-to-grow-into children’s clothes. I love it when people give us clothes for the children, but sorting them by color, washing them, sorting them again by size, folding them, and storing them in their respective bins, is no half hour task! We are so thankful for the generosity of others. God surely supplies all of our needs.

The big news around town is that Costco has opened. I must say, I did run over opening day and join their club and so far we are happy. It is quite a bit closer to our house than Sam’s, and I’m enjoying the thought of running over and the trip not taking 2 hours. I emerged from our first trip with lots of good prices (I love that they have coupons) and all the popcorn we could ever eat. My only complaint is that they did not have unsalted butter. Maybe this is not a big deal, but nevertheless, the thought nags at me. As a baker, I rely on the butter being unsalted so that I can regulate the amount myself in my breads and cakes and cookies. For now I’ll have to adjust, but I really hope they will carry unsalted butter in the future.

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