Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day

Little Leprechaun

Dabney made a paper plate hat at church with the other girls. I helped her put it on her head and she said, "You crowned me Mom!"

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone! It’s a snowy day here in Colorado and we’ve been watching Riverdance today, or as Dabney calls it, “The dancer of the pond” (“I love their green skirts! Are they mermaids? Is he a fish? Where's the pond?) Even after all these years, Riverdance still mesmerizes me and make me wish my legs were longer. We’ve got plans to make Soda Bread later this afternoon, after naps. We had a great weekend and we had a wonderful family over for most of Saturday which was so fun. We found a great recipe online for some bread and the kids helped me make some little loaves this morning.

Dabney is her usual imaginative self. Yesterday she was “Pongo the dog with black spots and a white body”. She continues to be a help to me, especially with the boys. She makes Joshua smile continually and she “reads” books to David and she even tried to teach him his letters with the easel the other day.

David has continued his potty training triumphs and we are so thankful. One minor aspect is the fact that we are trying to get him to consistently say “underwear” instead of panties, which is of course what Dabney calls her underclothes. But he’s working on it and improving.

Joshua continues to be his jolly, happy self. He loves to grab everything he possibly can and eat new solid foods. Lately his favorites are bananas, pasta and yogurt. He’s outgrowing clothes at breakneck speed. He can now scoot on his bottom and crawl backwards, too.

Yesterday we were on our way to church and, as always, our kids were singing. They sing no matter what we do. This time it happened to be the theme for Reading Rainbow, although they don’t know all of the words. All of a sudden David burst into song singing, “Butterfly in the sky…..I.…can….go…. underwear!”

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