Thursday, March 20, 2008

No time to post pictures of my own

Tomorrow is Good Friday and the stock market is closed (and that means that Tim is off) so we are going to have a sweet family from church over for a nice lunch. I’m quite excited about this because apart from entertaining during the week, it also means our Saturday is left wide open and we will have our Easter celebration, just the 5 of us. We’re going to have a ham and rolls and potatoes and strawberries and all the deviled eggs we can handle (eggs finally went on sale) and a nice red wine. I even changed out our snowflake dishes for our Pfaltzgraff flowered ones~ fitting I think for Resurrection weekend. Anyway, I wanted to share Friday’s entertaining menu and a recipe or two with you.

I wanted to have a nice light appetizer so I chose Fruit Salsa with cinnamon chips .

Then for lunch we’ll have pizza, (Philly cheesesteak, pineapple and ham, margharita & our version of meat lovers/ supreme), along with our favorite tortellini soup and parmesan breadsticks.

Last month, I told a reader that I’d share the recipe for the Philly cheesesteak pizza so here it is. I love cheesesteaks (real ones from Gino’s~ not Pat’s~ in real Philadelphia) and I think this recipe comes close~ barring the fact that I don’t use Cheez Whiz on my pizza. Going to Philly with my family and getting cheesesteaks is one of my favorite memories. I’m kind of winging it~ this is based on the most delicious pizza I tasted from California Pizza Kitchen. It’s not regularly on the menu, it was a monthly special a few years ago. Saute in a small amount of butter or olive oil: a half of an onion (sliced), and a few sliced mushrooms (canned or fresh) and a few steak-ums steaks. I used my own pizza tomato sauce, and topped with the sauted ingredients and green bell pepper and finished it with provolone cheese and some mozzarella (more provolone than mozzarella).

Then for dessert I’m making Tiramisu (for the adults) and our favorite brownies for the kids.

I’ve got to go for now, hopefully I’ll finish all of the ironing tonight, napkins included. Happy Spring!

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