Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Upstairs Hallway - Before and After



Look what I did last night! A few weeks ago, I went through the basement and sorted through quite a few things I don't use anymore and last week I sold them on eBay. (Praise God they sold!) This week, I took my earnings and made some investments in our home~ like better, matching light fixtures. (It seems like this will be the year that we finally upgrade the lighting that we opted out of when we moved in.) Also, arriving any day now is a gorgeous, gorgeous exterior lantern for our porch. And in case you are wondering, before I began I did quite a bit of research on lighting and electrical boxes and switching out light fixtures and read and re-read the instructions and low and behold when we turned the breakers on after I finished~ voila! There was beautiful light~ and no flames! Stay tuned for the next installment (get it?)~ our porch light makeover.

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