Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Big 3-0

Today is my birthday. There is no getting around it~ and I'm ok with that.

I could be sad if I was turning 30 and I lived alone and had some dead end job, and attended a dead end church. I could be sad if I had no husband or children. However, I am 30 today and have found the man of my dreams. I don't deserve him. I have 4 healthy, beautiful, vivacious children! I have a tenderhearted, ladylike daughter who helps me with our 3 strapping, manly sons! God has answered my prayers in ways I could never imagine.

God was so good to me in my 20's! Think of all the things that have happened! I met and married my dream guy, became a homeowner and a mother times 4*! I've seen the Black Hills, the Grand Canyon, the Florida Keys, Mt. Rushmore, and a few Hawaiian islands, to boot! I've seen my brothers and sister grow and change into aunts and uncles and my parents into grandparents. I've retraced my family footprints in the south and made new history with my young family right here in Colorado.

Being a wife and a mom is a position that only God can put you in and I remember longing for the calling many years ago. And God granted me my desire. And I love my job. It's even better than all those expectations I had when I was younger. I have my dream job. I really do. I love to cook and sew and organize and shop and read and teach my children. God has blessed me beyond my imagination. Who can do anything but rejoice that another birthday has rolled around? I'm 30 today and I can't to see what God will do next!

This world seems to be obsessed with youth. And hey, being young really is fun. But also this world doesn't value wisdom very highly and wisdom must come with age. So my prayer is that as I go and cash in some years, God will grant me the wisdom along the way.

*(And for the record, I don't believe in all that "baby-to-be", "mother-to-be" nonsense. I believe with ever fiber of my being that when a little one is conceived it's a baby~ not a baby needing validation by birth~ no question. And if you have a baby inside you are already a mother! Let's not embrace the worldly pro-choice propaganda.)


Rebecca said...

Happy birthday to you Missy! My computer has been having fits, so I am so glad that today is one of its "good days" so I can wish you well.

I really loved this post of yours Mandie. Each paragraph is full of wisdom and godly sentiments-right down to the PS at the bottom!) You are an incredible person and I am blessed to call you friend.

I hope your day is as special as you are!

Rachel said...

Happy (belated) birthday!!

I love you!!

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