Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Junebug Announcements

Something I love to do while pregnant is plan and make the baby announcements. It's another one of those prenatal bonding activities, I guess. I get to think about our little Junebug and pick out some masculine design and colors. I remember doing Josh's announcements on the plane trip home from Kauai. It allows me to be creative and I think it makes me feel like I'm a little more prepared for the baby's arrival. (When you think about it, can you ever really be ready for the tiny person you hold in your arms after delivery?) Anyway I thought I'd show you our new announcements.

Aside from the masculine theme, and considering our economy, the other theme I was aiming for was "practically free". So I surveyed what I had and remembered a little while back while scrapbooking with some friends a friend was tossing a pile of sage cardstock when her project took a different track. I couldn't leave all that beautiful cardstock for the trash so I asked her about it and then snatched it. It happens that there were about 30 pieces, which is perfect for baby announcements. The other paper comes from my scrapbook stash~ using what I already have. The stamp comes from the Stampin' Up stamp set last time I had baby announcements to make. I so badly wanted to order new stamps, but it is just not in the budget this time around. Honestly I can't take credit for the design this time. I copied it from a card layout in a Stampin' Up catalog and sort of changed it into a baby announcement.

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Rebecca said...

That looks GREAT! I always love to make the announcements too~but poor Adele' didn't get any sent out. Since she was born between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it was hard enough for me to get the CHRISTMAS cards out let alone handmade birth announcements too. Especially since, I like gender-specific announcements but we didn't find OUT what we were having.

I did make a few announcements~for grandparents who couldn't visit and one for her album. It was light pink and chocolate brown with coordinated ribbon. Like you, I think it is a fun way to do a bit of celebrating!

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