Monday, May 11, 2009


"Mama! I found some lions outside for you!"

I heard this as he made his way up the stairs to my bedroom where I was folding laundry. I instantly remembered last summer when he found me a "giant" and brought it to me in his fist while we were outside. It turned out to be a daddy long-legs. So it made me a little nervous to hear 'lions' were coming to me now. A caterpillar or two? I had no idea...

But I had no reason to worry this time.

Dandelions~ a sweet gift from my sweetheart. They're all flowers to him.

1 comment:

your mom said...

David is such a little heart-warmer! I'm so glad you could capture the kodak moment! How precious!!!!
i can't wait to get all my bear hugs!!!!!!

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