Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Heartburn Hotel

Yep, as the title suggests, I have been popping the Tums and Zantac like they're candy. Tonight as my family eats a real dinner, I'll be having rice krispies and milk. On the bright side, I try to think that maybe this baby will have a head-full of hair.

In other pieces of miscellany, we did indeed make yogurt last week and it turned out pretty well. I made 3 quarts for about $0.95 and the kids really enjoyed it. In fact, if they had it their way, we would have been out of yogurt two days after we made it. It was really easy so I might post pictures here after we make the next batch.

Last night I overheard Tim on the phone with a friend and he said I was in "super-nesting mode". That kind of made me laugh, because I know it's true. Yesterday, I washed all of the laundry for the week (miracle) and the kids' bedsheets (miracle of miracle) and then gave Dabney's room an extreme makeover (I could hardly believe it!). We didn't move any furniture around ~I know better than that~ but got rid of ridiculous amounts of clutter. We went through every toy in her room, purged everything she was hesitant to keep (it is now yard sale fodder) and organized everything else and put it away in such a way that she herself can keep it organized. It felt so good to get that done, although I also felt pretty dead after all of that work. A few months ago when I began all of this, I made a list of every room or zone in our home and one by one began de-cluttering then organizing that zone and crossing it off the list. Some weeks I'd get more than one zone done, other weeks I'd struggle with just the normal housework. I knew Dabney's room would take a lot of work. The next (and last) dreaded zone~ the master closet. My side in particular. Normal clothes and maternity clothes. Yikes.

The upcoming yard sale has been such a great motivator. I have big plans for this weekend when Tim can help me purge and organize the crawlspace. I can't wait for that! I'm sort of helpless without him when it comes to moving large things in confined spaces, but God was so good to give me a very strong husband. As I go through the house de-cluttering, I'm trying to think about the things we don't need or don't use or don't love. Everything else hinders us from the simple life we want to live.

(Ok, she was faking)

Ahhhhh. No prenatal appointment this week! But, next week when I go in it will begin the weekly visits before Baby A arrives. I also pre-register at the hospital next week and pre-registry day is when I always pack my hospital bag. Where on earth did this pregnancy go? Right now I'm still in the "nervous because of labor pains" phase, but I know that eventually my attitude will emerge into "The little man must be evicted! Now!" phase before the birth. I get nervous about the timing and who will watch my kids and a myriad of other issues, but it is sweet to remember that God holds Baby A and me in His hands and everything will go according to His perfect plan. (*Reminder to self: make a playlist entitled "childbirth"*) Well, I'm off to finish more items on my list, namely ironing, so I hope to check in later this week.

(I guess spaghetti wasn't exciting enough for the discriminating palate of our 3 year old.)

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