Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting Closer...

Well, today is pre-registry day for me at our new bright shiny hospital, so besides the ordinary, I'm packing my (our) hospital bag and parking it in the car. I'm packing away this coming home outfit for Baby A. I got it a few weeks ago and I smile whenever I see it. I especially love the "Feed Me" bib.

I'm packing this one too in case it's chilly.

On the homefront, I think I've been cycling through different nesting stages~ cooking, sewing, and organizing. Two weeks ago, I cooked all week long and I've stashed a nice amount of food in the freezers. Last week, I put quite a few miles on my sewing machine~ I finished the big one's pajamas, and Baby A's quilt and I even made a Mei Tai baby carrier, which I love. This week's tasks were mostly organizational. I totally re-did the laundry room/ powder room over the weekend and yesterday was the dreaded day when I tackled the master closet. However, after the 5 large paper grocery bags filled with cast offs left the premises, I emerged victorious. I am so happy I might even share pictures. Gotta run for now and finish my birth plan, but I really do hope to post more pictures later, especially the laundry room.

1 comment:

your mom said...

Good Job, Mandie!
But you better find time to rest a little, too.
You won't have anything left for us to do FOR YOU when we come!

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