Sunday, April 25, 2010

Late April Randomness

Sooo, last week, I bought a camera. A real camera. I had been researching different models and searching for a great deal for weeks. Finally, I found a wonderful deal on the exact model I had dreamed about and bought my little Canon T1i beauty (body only) from a professional photographer that lives up in Aurora through Craigslist. So, I piled my entire crew, including my bodyguard James, into our van and took a mid-week roadtrip through the Denver metro area. To make a looong story short, that afternoon I found myself on a street corner in the Capitol Hill neighborhood and looked up and saw this, which struck me as vaguely familiar:

Does it look familiar to you, Mom?

So a there's a quick summary of a crazy long car ride in pursuit of a great deal on a practically brand new big-girl camera. I've been practicing with my new DSLR (I have so much to learn) and harassing my family ever since and that explains the rest of the post.

Check it out! I captured every family member in one post!

Here's my Tim!

Dabney got a 1st grade Jumpstart game a few weeks ago and she and David really love it. They think it's really important because they get to use the computer and Dabney really loves to play herself, but also help David with the phonics and math problems. Josh usually cheers them on.

Hmm. Does David's grin spell mischief, or what?

My big girl and my right hand helper.

Adam says "Hi!"

Josh is by far the most serious of the kids, but he has his goofy moments also.

And lastly, me. The first picture is a pretty accurate depiction of how I've been looking lately.
However, I must warn you, the second picture includes me wearing absolutely no makeup. Please view at your own risk!


your mom said...

COOL camera! You look like a natural! and the pictures are great.... look out National Geographic... here comes Mandie! I know you love it! The pictures really are great - kiss those little stinkers for me. I just can't believe how big they all look, all of a sudden. Tell them to "stop that".... growing up! or at least slow down.
The MB house - of course it looks familiar! Remember this.... "James....... NOOOOO!!!! Don't sit in THAT chair!".... I thought we were going to get kicked out!
Have fun shooting! Love Ya. Talk to ya soon.

Far From Perfect said...

Wow!!! Love these... so so excited for your new T1i.. I know you are going to love it more and more :)

Mandie said...

Thanks, Mom. I love you!

Jess, you're my inspiration! And you sold me on a Canon!

Jo said...

Oooh, how exciting!! I've been contemplating a 'real' camera as well, but haven't done it yet. Have fun with it! My current camera is a canon and I like it a lot... you'll have to let me know how you like their DSLR. :)

Grant Oakes said...

Thanks for emailing the link to your Blog. Your kids are really cute! Please feel free to call me anytime, I'll be glad to answer any questions and help you in any way.

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